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Life has many moments worth celebrating and we are determined to make every one of them memorable, and the process enjoyable hassle-free.


The Moments is co-founded by Tiffany and Michelle (essentially the TM team!) who have years of experience working in the public relations industry and event organising while sharing an enthusiasm in weddings and celebrations.

Here, we offer bespoke wedding planning service to bring your dream wedding to life in a way that reflects your extraordinary story, character and style while also working within your desired budget.


Contact us now for a complimentary consultation session if you are planning a unique wedding or event! 

Tiffany has over a decade of experience in the public relations industry organising events of all scale. She deeply believes that every event and wedding has a special story to tell. Having infused with international wedding trends constantly, she is eager to come up with ideas and concepts that make every wedding and photo-shoot unique. Besides weddings, Tiffany is interested in photography and food while catching up with TV dramas on Netflix.

Michelle also comes from a background of public relations and corporate event who is passionate about weddings down to its smallest detail. With a wealth of information relating to all kinds of vendors and working partners, each and every one of the wedding she manages will be perfectly executed to ensure a stress-free experience for the wedding couple. Other than weddings, Michelle spends her time indulging in beauty and fashion trends.


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Abou Us - A Team Led by Two


We plan every wedding differently and we treat finding the right wedding theme for you seriously, in order to tell your unique story as a couple.

At The Moments, our ultimate bespoke wedding planning service not only strives for an aesthetically flawless wedding, complimented with professional coordination service, but also values the relationship and people - the couple, the families and the guests - who will take part in the process. From day-one planning up until the moment the couple says "I do" to each other, every meticulous details and persons will be well taken care of.

While we hand-pick every single wedding vendors based on your  wedding theme, we do have a list of renowned vendors that we work closely together with. At the same time, we never stay in our comfort zone and we continuously explore for new ideas with experts from different fields all over the world.

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