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Tammy and Kelvin Intro

Tammy and Kelvin

Pre-wedding Photo-Shoot

Hong Kong

Meet the Team

With the colonial history background, there are quite a lot of interesting places in Hong Kong that are perfect for an engagement photo-shoot. We decided to go for a classic style photo-shoot that matched with the decorous 

character of the couple and went for two key locations with a European touch. 

Sai Ying Pun Community Complex's architecture is great for photos due to its complex yet aesthetically 

pleasing facade, which includes rustic granites and arched verandah while matching with the series of green wooden windows and red bricks. The Victoria Peak Garden is also one of the most popular choices for couples given its convenient location and vast space with different features suitable for both close-up and wide angle photos.  

Meet the team


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Bride and Groom Audrey and Kenneth
Location Jeremy Wong Weddings' studio, Sai Ying Pun Community Complex, Victoria Peak Garden

Planning The Moments
Photography Jeremy Wong Weddings 
Gown Run For The Dream

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